Borton Overseas

Borton Overseas is a Minneapolis-based tour operator whose passionate staff specializes in tailoring one-of-a-kind extraordinary journeys to a range of fascinating destinations.

Bicycle Theory launched its first website for Borton Overseas in 2005, and most recently in 2012. At the heart of the website is a large array of travel packages which users can search for by destination and various attributes such as activities, accommodations, and travel style.

Travel packages contain deep itinerary details, photos and video, related resource content, and the ability to inquire about and customize the specific journey.

The website contains extensive resourceful content about traveling to the destinations Borton Overseas operates in, to bolster their position as experts and their search engine visibility.

BT also built a tool for Borton Overseas to create landing pages that can be promoted for certain destinations, travel packages, and audiences.

Borton Overseas can publish and update all their content, including travel package details and attributes, using tools built by Bicycle Theory.