MN Association of Charter Schools

Minnesota Association of Charter Schools advocates for and supports innovation, quality, and accountability to assure excellence in charter school education.

Bicycle Theory built MACS’ website in 2011, and in 2016 updated it to implement a responsive user interface, high-resolution graphics, web fonts and other design modernizations, and optimized content organization.

MACS had a number of content and functionality challenges to solve. One was creating a directory of schools and other organizations, where users could search and map schools based on location or a number of custom attributes.

Another challenge was to create a careers board where their members could post openings that included detailed position and application parameters. Job seekers can in turn search for positions based on these parameters.

MACS has a high volume of content to publish, and some needed to be restricted to members. BT built a system that allows approved users to sign in and access member-only content.

All content, including extensive school and career attributes, can be managed autonomously by MACS using tools built by Bicycle Theory.