Peace Coffee

Peace Coffee is a local pioneer in fair trade and organic coffee, whose beans and brew can be found in stores and coffee shops around MN and the country, as well as their own cafés in the Twin Cities.

In 2014, the second-generation Peace Coffee website designed and developed by Bicycle Theory was launched. This version implemented a responsive user interface, newly-reorganized content based on website usage and Peace Coffee’s goals, and a fresh application of their brand.

Recent updates have included high-resolution graphics, Facebook pixel event tracking, a site-wide feature banner, and numerous refinements.


Peace Coffee’s e-commerce solution included custom product attributes for coffee, for taste profile information and browsing by roast.

Existing user accounts were imported for customer continuity. BT also developed custom reports which are used to bring accounting and shipping data into their internal systems.

Content Features

The Peace Coffee website includes brew guides and recipes to compliment their product offering. Events and a blog offer more ways to engage customers.

BT built a retail store locator for searching for beans or brew nearby. You can also map where your beans came from, and learn about the farms that grew them.

Custom wholesale inquiry and community support request forms collect the information Peace Coffee needs and pushes it into Salesforce.

Project Services

  • Technical analysis and definition
  • Design and development
  • Custom content types
  • E-commerce
  • Custom reports
  • Salesforce and accounting system integration
  • Data import (retail locations, existing customer accounts)
  • Google Maps integration (store locator and coffee origins)
  • Google Analytics custom event tracking
  • Facebook event tracking
  • Hosting and support