Surly Brewing Co.

Surly Brewing Co. is a Minnesota brewing powerhouse, and a leader in our craft brewing scene. BT has provided web support for Surly since 2015, beginning with a slew of fixes and improvements to a website built elsewhere.

E-Commerce Implementation & Integration

One major improvement was the addition of a new online store for apparel and other merchandise. Requirements:

  • Import product data from other internal systems
  • Set up payment processing and shipping calculations
  • Configure shopping cart and order processing for internal workflow
  • Push order data into accounting system
  • Synchronize online inventory levels with physical reality
  • Build and brand the customer-facing online store

Events Tools

Surly has events in all their markets, and staff use an internal system to create events and request resources. BT integrated with this system to create draft events on the website, minimizing their content management work.

On the front end, BT built a calendar-based navigation for events to show when events are happening and allow users to browse by specific dates.

Product Photography

BT has also provided product photography as part of ongoing support to add new items to the online store.

Brewer’s Table Website

When Surly’s fine dining restaurant on the second level of their destination brewery was in the spotlight for the James Beard award, BT built a separate website for it.